The Sleeping Princess

Voltron Legendary Defender Co-Executive Producer Lauren Montgomery chose "The Sleeping Princess" for its unforgettable story line in which Lotor almost captures Princess Allura! Haggar sends her Blue Cat to stab Allura with a poisoned blade. Thinking Allura is dead, the Voltron Force and citizens of planet Arus coordinate a funeral while Lotor attempts to steal her coffin!

The Stolen Lion

Voltron Legendary Defender Executive Producer Joaquim Dos Santos chose “The Stolen Lion” for its mystery, action, and new characters. The mysterious Prince Bocar arrives on Arus and saves Princess Allura when her pilot training goes awry. He seems to be the perfect replacement for Sven, but attempts to steal the Blue Lion and takes Allura prisoner!

Escape to Another Planet

Josh Keaton, voice of Shiro, from Voltron Legendary Defender chose “Escape to Another Planet” because it tells the Voltron origin story! The space explorers meet Princess Allura and Coran for the first time. They become the Voltron Force and vow to protect the Princess once they find all five lions.

The Lion Has New Claws

Kimberly Brooks, voice of Princess Allura, from Voltron Legendary Defender chose “The Lion has New Claws” because it’s the first time Allura steps out of her role as a princess. Allura is determined to help the Voltron Force fight without Sven. When her Nanny gets caught up in a Zarkon raid, Allura must pilot the Blue Lion to save her!

Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics

Voltron Legendary Defender Story Editor Tim Hedrick remembers “Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics” because of its topical relevance during the ‘80’s. To celebrate the rebirth of Planet Arus, Princess Allura decides to host the Space Olympics. Lotor tries to ruin their plans when he overrides a construction machine.

The Missing Key

Voltron Legendary Defender Episode Director Steven Ahn will never forget the moment in “The Missing Key” when the Black Lion comes to life for the first time! Keith and the team uncover the key to the Black Lion just as Zarkon's Robeast is about to destroy Planet Arus once and for all.

Space Explorers Captured

Voltron Legendary Defender Staff Writer Mitch Iverson loves how the franchise was kicked-off with this epic first episode! When five space explorers are captured by Zarkon’s fleet, the Galaxy Alliance decides they need to form Voltron, defender of the universe. The explorers escape Zarkon’s prison and end up on planet Arus, where the legendary Castle of Lions holds the secret of Voltron.

The Right Arm of Voltron

Voltron Legendary Defender Prop and Background supervisor Christine Bian names “The Right Arm of Voltron” as her favorite episode because of the diverse background design and epic new weapons!  Allura and the Voltron Force celebrate the defeat of Yurak's attack fleet. While their defenses are down, Haggar plans a sneak attack and severely wounds Sven!

The Secret of the White Lion

Voltron Legendary Defender Line Producer Benjamin Kaltenecker loves “The Secret of the White Lion” because of Allura’s character development. Allura is visited in her dreams by the ghosts of her parents. When a majestic White Lion appears to her, she follows it, believing it to be the reincarnation of her father. The Voltron Force hurry to find her before its too late!

The Witch Gets a Facelift

Voltron Legendary Defender Supervising Picture Editor Jeff Adams chose “The Witch Gets a Facelift” for its memorable plotline. Haggar disguises herself as Princess Allura's Aunt Orla and visits the Castle of Lions. When Haggar attacks, the team forms Voltron and defeats one of Haggar's Robeast.

The Treasure of Planet Tyrus

Voltron Legendary Defender Story Editor Josh Hamilton remembers “The Treasure of Planet Tyrus” for its humor! The Voltron Force disguise themselves as crewmen and sneaks into a celebration for Prince Lotor's birthday. Lotor manages to capture all the heroes except Lance who fights to save his team.

Give Me Your Princess

Voltron Legendary Defender Director Chris Palmer chose “Give Me Your Princess” because it reveals Prince Lotor’s obsession with Princess Allura! Allura puts the team in jeopardy when she tries to pilot the Black Lion. When her rogue mission fails, she surrenders herself to Lotor in exchange for the freedom of Planet Arus!