Boss Baby

A practical and savvy salesman, Boss Baby, is on a mission to keep babies on top of the love distribution charts. He may be an adorable baby, but don’t let his rosy cheeks fool you. He’s used to the dog-eat-dog corporate game and approaches life in the same way he does work – constantly angling for the ultimate promotion. Though charming and naughty, he’s still a baby and literally believes other people vanish when he covers his eyes. With his new home life and big brother Tim, Boss Baby has softened a bit, but he’ll never admit it.


Tim is Boss Baby’s idealistic, imaginative, yet naive older brother. He embodies what it means to be a regular kid, living life with gusto (always going for the king-size candy bar) and daydreaming. He believes there’s no dream that can’t come true and that life should be fair, which balances Boss Baby’s hardened corporate perspective. Tim is the muscle on field ops, but doesn’t always think things through – he’s only a kid, give him a break!


Smart and ambitious, Staci is the high-strung, always prepared member of Boss Baby’s field unit. Staci is the closest in personality to Boss Baby. She’s in it for the gold stars on the sticker chart, overly eager to do well and be recognized for it.


Fiercely loyal to and trusting of Boss Baby, Jimbo is the enforcer of the team. He’s a big sweetie who just wants to snuggle (which, given his size, is dangerous enough), but when his mood swings to “tantrum,” be careful of his smash!


They are the corporate “yes”-men who are just happy to be there. They have been brought back to HQ and are Boss Baby’s guys on the inside. They are not necessarily good at any of their jobs, but they’re so darned likeable they keep acing their performance reviews.