A wild horse, Spirit, and a soon-to-be city girl, Lucky, become friends in a frontier town

Lucky and the Treacherous Trail

When Lucky gets wind of an advanced trail ride, she decides to become the best frontier girl anyone has ever seen….overnight

Lucky and the Mysterious Map

During a camping trip, Jim gives Lucky and the girls a treasure map that sends them on the adventure of a lifetime

Lucky and the Competition Conundrum

When Lucky and Pru find themselves on opposing teams for a school fundraiser, their competitive streaks emerge and their friendship is tested

Lucky and the Appaloosa Adventure

Lucky, Spirit and Turo team up to help save an abused horse

Lucky and the Not-So-Secret Surprise

Lucky enlists Abigail, Turo, Snips, and their horses to help plan a surprise birthday party for Pru – that goes disastrously wrong!


Lucky is a natural-born leader. She’s not really afraid of anything, always willing to take a dare or risk a new challenge. Her courage and confidence are contagious, and she pushes her friends to new heights of adventure, excitement, and fun. Over the course of the series, we will see Lucky grow into a powerful young woman as she builds a special bond with her horse, Spirit, and explores her own identity and connection to her new home on the frontier.


Spirit is a noble, powerful, smart, and unbreakable buckskin stallion, keeping his herd of wild mustangs safe and free in the boundless landscape that is their home. While Spirit is gentle with Lucky and her friends, he is proud and stubborn with all others. Spirit acts before he thinks, which frequently gets him into even more trouble than he had to begin with, but his courage and grit saves the day in the end. Spirit also knows his land better than any other creature alive, making him an invaluable guide in the exciting, dangerous, wonderfully wild frontier.


Prudence – or Pru, as she’s better known – is a true horsewoman and knows almost everything there is to know about horses and the country where she has grown up. If Lucky is the heart of the trio, Pru is definitely the brains. She can be a little stubborn, but once you earn her friendship, you earn it for life. Her horse, Chica Linda, is a prize palomino who takes pride in her skills and mastery.

Chica Linda

Chica Linda is a prized Palomino mare who takes pride in her skills and mastery. Chica Linda may love being a clean and polished show horse -- but she can definitely hold her own on the open frontier. Winning all those blue ribbons has given her a competitive streak a mile wide, and there’s no way she’s going to let anyone show her up for speed, risk, or daring!


Abigail is optimistic, energetic and upbeat. She’s a bit of a girly-girl and can talk a mile a minute, especially if you get her talking about something she loves – like crafting new tack for her horse, Boomerang, who’s a bit of a goofball and takes Abigail’s efforts in good humor.


Boomerang, a pinto gelding, is a friendly, well-meaning, and loyal steed, but he’s also a total goofball, whose slapsticky bumbling adds comic relief to even the most dire of misadventures. Boomerang has a strong sense of humor… and an even stronger appetite. If there’s food in sight, you better believe Boomerang is right there to gobble it up.