Determined and fearless, Tip is an unstoppable force of nature, ready to dive headlong into a new adventure at a moment’s notice. Tip is the first human that really made a connection with a Boov and because of that she gets to experience the entirety of Boov culture (both the good and the gross) with her new best friend, Oh. Tip can be a little too impulsive and reckless at times, which leads to all sorts of trouble that Tip and Oh must work together to solve.


Oh always tried to fit in with his fellow Boov but it wasn’t until he met Tip that he truly found his place. Oh wants to know everything about this world, about humans, about his best friend Tip, which can often lead to strange and funny situations. Oh is the classic foreigner in a foreign land: he will misinterpret everything in fun and silly ways, often landing in trouble, but at the end of the day everything will turn out all right.


Pig is more than just Tip’s cat, Pig is family. Pig is sort of our silent observer, a witness to all the craziness that Tip and Oh ignite. Pig is drawn to Oh, whether it is his unique scent or to play with his flailing nostricals.


Tip’s Mom and Oh’s adopted MyMom, Lucy is full of life, ready to exercise and always on the hunt for her soul mate. She’s the adult but she has child-like enthusiasm. Like many single-parent households, Lucy and Tip end up taking care of each other.


Sharzod considers herself a Boov Princess and you should too! She’s bold, she’s confident, she’s all about her. Where’s the hot spot? Right where she’s standing, dannnggggg! Sharzod loves to be the center of attention and is always on the lookout for the next hot thing. She also has a serious crush on Oh. BTW, everybody wants to date her! Dannnngggg!

Captain Smek

The former supreme leader is out of a job and he doesn’t like it, and he really misses being in charge and gosh darn it he’s going to throw a fit right now...! Forced to work with humans at the MoPo (blech!), Smek is determined to get revenge on that annoying Boov, Oh, for destroying his fantastic life!