She believes in listening to her guts, taking decisive action immediately and massively. Audrey commits 210% to whatever she’s doing, because 110% is for quitters. She has a firm sense of right and wrong, defending her friends and street and doing what’s right at any cost… which leads to trouble as she usually acts before thinking things out.


Under her super strong physique, Lotta has an adorable, empathetic heart ready to hug the world… not yet realizing that her hugs always squeeze a little too tight. Lotta sees the beauty in everything and everyone, which people sometimes take advantage of. She’s also a total softie for any cute animal. Fun fact: Lotta used to be “Lil’ Lotta,” the tiniest kid on the block (yes, even tinier than Tiny, who back then was just called “Tiny-ish”), but recently she hit a growth spurt.


Dot loves precision, hence why she puts perfectly circular dots on everything she wears. To handle every situation perfectly, she attempts to prepare for anything that could ever come up, next year’s wardrobe to the next decade’s robot uprising. Dot is also very DIY - designing her own clothes, building her own remote control helicopter, making her own brand of gummyworms - to create her future brand by hand. This commitment to excellence makes Dota great friend, but she can also go overboard in chasing down her ambitious dreams.